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Sport and culture


There are many possibilities for sport activities in Valtice and in all area. The Lednice- Valtice region is crossed with a couple of long-distance cycling paths (Eurovelo, Greenways) and thematic paths such for example over–border Liechtenstein cycle track (maps available at the reception desk).

Activities around the hotel:

  • rent a bike (cycle maps available in the reception desk)
  • tennis-court (discounts for our guests)

Within reach:


The Liechtenstein family had been creating a unified landscape complex from the two chateaus for centuries. The Lednice-Valtice Area in South Moravia is the largest artificially created landscape in Europe. In the 19th century in the period of Romanticism the Lednice-Valtice complex got the recent outlook. In the English park there were built several Romantic buildings, such as The Apollon´s Temple, the Temple of the Three Graces, and at the former Czech-Austrian border the Border Chateau. In 1996 the Lednice-Valtice complex was included on the World Heritage List (UNESCO).

The romantic chateau Lednice is situated in the extent natural area on the embankment of the river Thaya. Originally there was a Gothic fortified settlement, mentioned already in 1222, which Prince Přemysl donated to the Liechtenstein family. Lednice had been their residential place till the end of World War II with one short break. The Valtice Chateau is situated at the place of the castle of the Passau bishop from the late 12th century.